Parenting ADHD Children Workshops

April 9 @ West Michigan Peds, Cascade Location from 6:30 to 8pm - Stress and Anxiety in ADHD Children - Everyday life with ADHD is stressful, even as a child. Organization, memory, and executive-function challenges bring with them anxiety, not to mention shame and overwhelm. Learn how to help your child navigate the stress and anxiety better.
May 14 @ MiKids Pediatrics from 6:30 to 8pm - When Discipline Doesn't Work - When your child has ADHD, standard discipline strategies don't always work.  To correct problem behaviors, learn about behavioral therapy, positive parenting and more ideas to stop tantrums and impulsive outbursts.
These sessions are FREE to you but please RSVP with Rachel if you'd like to attend but if you forget or decide last minute you'd like to attend go ahead and show up!