Upcoming ADHD Events

June 11 @ Cascade Pediatrics from 6:30 to 8pm - Don't lose your mind - yet!  Preparing for Summer with ADHD children - Although they love their children dearly, many parents dread summer.  They anticipate hours of whining, crying and arguing from their children.  Learn how you can set up a great summer for you and your children.
July 10 @ Alger Pediatrics from 6:30 to 8pm - Meltdown Mode:  Healthy ways to respond - Nothing can make a parent feel more powerless, angry, or sad than a child with ADHD in Meltdown Mode.  Meltdowns say nothing about your parenting ability, but they do reflect the nature of ADHD.  So what to do when your child has an ADHD tantrum in a department store or at the kitchen table?
These sessions are FREE to you but please RSVP with Rachel if you'd like to attend but if you forget or decide last minute you'd like to attend go ahead and show up!