Upcoming Parenting ADHD Children Workshops (4)

July 9 @ Alger Pediatrics from 6:30 to 8pm - The Parent Trap: Reacting instead of Pro-acting - "Again? Seriously?" you say, "I've had it!" Your child's seeming inability to learn from his mistakes never ceases to amaze you. The exhaustion is real, but you won't solve the problem by being reactive. Replace your reactive parenting with proactive strategies.
August 13 @ ABC Pediatrics - Back to the Schedules and Routines - Children with ADHD do better with a consistent daily routine - a schedule for morning, after school, and bedtime with expectations, time tables, and transitions spelled out.  Let's talk about how to develop one.
These sessions are FREE to you but please RSVP with Rachel if you'd like to attend but if you forget or decide last minute you'd like to attend go ahead and show up!