Abdominal Pain

There are many causes of abdominal pain. The two most common causes are diarrhea and constipation. Please refer to those sections for more information.


Immediately if:

  • child has bloody stools or urine
  • child is pale or sick looking
  • child doubles over in pain when forced to walk
  • child has pain that migrates away from the belly button, especially that which is in the back below the ribs or the lower abdomen on right or left side
  • child has pain in the testicles
  • child has a bulge in the groin area
  • child is unable to urinate or has frequent urination or painful urination
  • child has had a recent blow or injury to the abdomen followed by vomiting and/or persistent pain
  • child has persistent loss of appetite


*There is generally no specific medication that will alleviate abdominal pain. Usually, medications to relieve pain including antacids and histamine blockers (like Tagamet or Pepcid AC) are acceptable in older children if no other signs are present.



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