Acne involves pimples and blackheads, most commonly on the face, back, and chest. Acne is caused by increased oil production (typical of puberty) and bacteria, and results in inflammation.



  • Clean your face gently twice per day with soap and water.  Aggressive scrubbing only increases inflammation. Wash your face or shower after running and working out too.
  • Do not pick, poke, or pop pimples, which can result in redness, swelling, and sometimes scarring.
  • Use only oil-free products on your face. Stores may label as      “non-comedogenic” as a comedone is a pimple.

  • You may use a topical benzoyl peroxide over the counter product once or twice per day.


Call during office hours if:

  • If acne is extensive despite proper hygiene, please call to set up an appointment. Your child may need topical creams or oral antibiotics.

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