Allergy symptoms include: stuffy or itchy nose, or itchy eyes.  Allergies may be caused by reactions to pollens, dust, molds, pets, and sometimes foods.


  • During office hours when the treatments listed below don’t help.
  • If you have questions or concerns
  • Anaphylaxis:  if your child has difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth or throat with a new quick onset of hives, call 911 (or use your prescribed EpiPen if you have one).


Allergy medicines should relieve symptoms of the allergy.  Sometimes it is necessary to try several medicines to find one that will work.  Good over the counter allergy medicines include:  Benadryl, Claritin (Loratidine), Allegra or Zyrtec.  The main side effect of these medications, especially Benadryl, is drowsiness. Prescription medications include oral medications, nose sprays and eye drops.

Eye allergies: If your child has itchy watery eyes wash the face and eyelids with a damp washcloth.  Eye drops such as Visine can help soothe the itching.  Prescription eye drops are also available.  Zaditor is a good over the counter allergy eye drop.


Additional Information:

  • pollen allergies commonly occur in the spring, summer and fall. Staying indoors on windy days may help.
  • dust and animal dander allergies are more common when the house is closed up.
  • mold allergies occur during damp periods or in location where it is damp (many basements)
  • call during office hours for additional information on prevention and treatment of allergies.

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