Impetigo is a superficial bacterial skin infection.  The sores of impetigo are often on the face and look “honey crusted” or like a wet sore that isn’t healing.  Impetigo usually starts as a small red bump that changes to cloudy blisters, then pimples or sores.  Impetigo increases in size and is sometimes covered by a yellow-brown scab. 

Impetigo is caused by staph or strep bacteria, which is normally found on our skin, especially near our nostrils.  Infections may occur any time the skin is broken.  (scrapes, insect bites, cuts, eczema), etc.).


  • Keep the area clean
  • Spots on the body (not face) may respond to bleach baths.  Add 1/3 cup laundry bleach to a bath tub of water and soak for at least five minutes.  (This is very dilute—less chlorine than a pool—but very effective for eliminating staph infection.)
  • Use a topical antibiotic cream over the counter three times per day
  • Avoid touching or picking sores
  • Cover the infected area, and your child may still attend daycare.


During office hours if:

  • Spots are spreading despite treatment for five to seven days. 
  • Sometimes impetigo requires an oral antibiotic.  Call for an appointment

 Immediately If:

  • Impetigo is never a medical emergency. Please call with concerns only during office hours.

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