Itchy Insect Bites

Bites from mosquitoes and other biting insects can cause itchy, red bumps, which can vary in size from a small dot to more than 2 inches.  Mosquito bites near the eye may cause large swelling.  Some children tend to have larger reactions to insect bites; this does not mean that they are allergic to them.  Large reactions are very common in late spring with the first bites of the year.

Insect bites can be treated with an ice cube or 1% hydrocortisone cream. Benadryl (given by mouth) will help decrease the itching, but may make your child feel sleepy.

Many insect bites can be prevented by applying insect repellant sparingly to clothing and exposed skin.  DEET-containing insect repellants can be toxic, especially if swallowed.  Avoid use on hands, especially in small children who may put their hands in their mouths.  Avoid use on sunburned skin, which absorbs DEET more readily than intact skin.  Wash the repellant from the skin when your child comes indoors.



 During office hours if:

  • Bites are infected (red, pus, streaking)
  • Any other concerns

 Immediately if:

Insect bites are not a medical emergency. Please call with concerns only during office hours.

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