Molluscum contagiosum are small, firm, flesh-colored or pink round bumps that are very common in childhood. Molluscum are easy to identify because they are “umbilicated” – they have a belly button like dimple in the center of each lesion. They are caused by a virus and will eventually go away on their own, although it may take a year. Each bump contains a firm white core surrounded by a watery substance. This liquid contains thousands of virus particles and is highly contagious. So…if your child has one bump, he may very well infect himself with more by scratching.


  • Watch and wait if the lesions do not      bother the child and are not a cosmetic problem.
  • Moisturize! Dry, open skin or eczema is a perfect breeding ground      for new lesions. Moisturize skin to avoid spreading more bumps.


During office hours if:

  • Your child has multiple lesions that are bothersome or spreading
  • Lesions are red, inflamed, or look infected
  • Lesion are cosmetically bothersome

 Immediately if:

  • Molluscum are never a medical emergency. Please call only during office hours with your concerns.

Note: Like warts, treatment often consists of freezing or topical irritants.

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