Warts are dry, firm bump on the skin or a pit or callous on the bottom of the feet. Warts are caused by a virus, which sort of hijacks good skin cells. The only way to get rid of a wart is to destroy some of the good skin cells infected with the wart virus. All warts will eventually go way on their won, but they may take years. If the wart is not bothersome to the child or cosmetically upsetting, it I fine to simply watch and wait. Note: “Plantar” simply means bottom of the feet. Because we stand on our feet, warts grow in instead of out.


  • Watch and wait
  • Duct tape – yes, there is evidence that show that occlusion may  get rid of warts. Place a piece of Duct tape over your child’s wart.  Remove and replace only after bathing.
  • Topical over the counter salicylic acid.
         Dr. Scholls or Compound W liek products are a weak acid that you drip onto the wart once per day. To avoid irritation, coat the surrounding good skin with Vaseline before applying. This medication also comes in a tape. Cut out a small circle the size of your wart and keep on at all times. (Remove and replace only after bathing).
  • Topical Freezing: There are liquid nitrogen kits that may freeze large warts. Because the applicator is wide, this method is often uncomfortable for small warts.

Note: Warts are gone when you when you see normal skin lines (like finger prints) where the warts once were.


During office hours if:

  • You have poor results with over the counter methods for more than 2 weeks
  • You have warts on the face
  • You have multiple or very large warts

 Immediately if:

  • Warts are never a medical emergency. Please call with only concerns during office hours.

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